Ingham County Cultural Diversity Program


The Ingham County Cultural Diversity Committee was formed in 1999 for the purpose of recognizing Ingham County's Diverse Workforce. Founded by Kim Milton, Ingham County Circuit Court and Co-founded by Kelly Rankin-Gomez of the Ingham County Road Department.  The Luncheon that started out as a potluck in February in recognition of Black History/Cultural Diversity Month is in its' seventeenth year. Each year the Luncheon has grown in size, participation, and attendance  and is continuing to get bigger and better. There is always a wide variety of entertainment, foods, and outstanding speakers.  The Committee appreciates the support of all County Officials, Department Heads, and employees. 

Ingham County has a culturally diverse and changing population. Cultural diversity is displayed in terms of the ethnicity, race, religion and many other characteristics. Many cultural groups have special holidays, celebrations and ceremonies within their specific communities.  Ingham County has so graciously recognized the importance of and respects the diversity of all cultural groups and values the various special holidays.

Ms. Milton wanted another way for County employees to participate in the Luncheon in the event they did not have heritage or cultural information to share in a booth presentation or by a performance. She created the Ingham County Cultural Diversity Choir and the committee selected Daneen Jones to be the Choir Director as she currently directs choirs and ensembles. The Choir was honored to perform at the Veterans Day Tribute coordinated by Ingham County Veterans Director Randy Marwede for 2009 and 2010 for Ingham and Clinton County Vets, Troops, families, and friends.    

Most of our presentations and performances are done by County employees. The Luncheon is one way to learn and share cultural information about your fellow employees. This positive and informative employee driven event continues to be a great time to come together. The Diversity Luncheon rotates locations since the County seat is in Mason. The locations are downtown Lansing at the VMC, South Lansing at HSB, Fair Grounds in Mason and now an added location Ingham County Zoo. This was done to accommodate employees that wanted to attend but, because of work responsibilities or distance was unable to do so. Employees know that at some point the Luncheon will be coming to a location nearer to them. Upon the County’s funding and approval, we will be at the Human Services Building next year.

The Ingham County Cultural Diversity Committee would like to welcome ANYONE who would be interested in becoming a member to attend the meetings.  We are encouraging people from all origins and cultural backgrounds to become members. The idea is to learn from each other and to get a better understanding about the many unique people in this world, other than ourselves.

We meet for the purpose of planning a free educational but entertaining Luncheon to all County Employees. The meetings last approximately one hour and are on our own time after 5:30 p.m. The meetings are normally held at a central location between Lansing and Mason. Our goals are to provide employees with valuable information about the multi-cultural society we embrace and how to better serve a diverse workforce.